Tom Brady Suspension Finally Dropped

Tom Brady Suspension Finally Dropped

New England Patriots' season opening next Thursday will have Tom Brady back, as his suspension has been dropped!

Brady was accused of allegedly using deflated footballs in the last season of the AFC Championship Game. This allegation was filed by Ted Wells, who was hired by NFL independently to investigate the matter.

Brady would have been the longest and most high-profile player for the NFL starting in 2010.

Judge Richard Berman ruled the Brady case and dropped the four-game suspension imposed on the famous quarterback 3 months ago. Or else, this suspension would have been one of the most high-profile cases in the NFL for a quarterback since 2010, when Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for four-games as well.

Berman gave this ruling when no one was ready to make a settlement; neither Brady’s council, nor the NFL. Besides, this allegation was not based on any evidence of unlawful activity by Tom as stated in the Wells report.

Berman’s ruling also came into effect considering the fact that the NFL should have made Brady aware of all the different penalties involved for offenses like these. The judge further iterated about giving equal treatment on policy violations as they do for use of steroids and other substances.

Another reason for Berman to rule in Brady’s favor was due to the fact that the cross-examination to NFL general council Jeff Pash was denied to Brady. Since Pash was instrumental in the creation of Well’s report – making edits, and comments – Pash should have been available for further probe into his role.

According to Berman: "It is also problematic to the Court that there was no specification by Goodell as to the ways Pash's testimony would have been 'cumulative.”

Lifting the suspension was a great move by the judge as Brady was never willing to accept the allegations in the Wells report and now, he doesn’t have to!

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