Paintcollar: The Unique Platform For Artists

Paintcollar: The Unique Platform For Artists

About Paintcollar:
Based in Mumbai, Paintcollar is designer merchandise that was established back in September, 2014. It is a specialized store of the artists and is meant to provide a huge platform to artists of different kinds. Artists will get the opportunity to create their arts into t-shirt prints and sell them directly online. They will get their share of profit, as well. in short, it can be considered as an online community for sharing the skills of artists and offering customers some creative and refreshing items.

The CEO of the company is Amogh Vaishampayan while the Chairman and MD is Akash Arun. Artists get lots of flexibility and freedom with the business model of this setup.

Currently, there are more than 500 artists with approximately 4000 different products.

The Genesis
It was the idea of 4 engineering graduates to set up a small stall at the cultural festival of IIT Bombay. The immense response that they received gave them the idea to start a designer online store for merchandise.

According to a team member, it was the sudden brainstorming ideas of making artist sell their designs and art in the form of merchandise.
The way in which people consume art has changed. Online shoppers buy designer merchandise to reflect their style statement.

The demand for designer product is also huge, but till date artists did not had any platform for expressing their talent. However, they can now reach the public easily. It was this idea that gave birth to Paintcollar.


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